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Our customers have said...

Our profession is importers and wholesalers of fashion jewellery. One basic occupation in our selling progress is the participation in various exhibitions in our country in specific time periods during every year.

As our works and sales started to increase we had the need of a modern but at the same time effective way for our customers to place their orders with us. At this critical point, Nethabilis has provided us with the solution we need to accomplish our duties with ease and effectiveness.

They have provided us with a modern system of a wireless method of taking orders. The system consisted of mobile terminal units and the appropriate software which not only helped us a lot in our work but it also saved us a lot of time and cost, concerning the procedure of execution of our customer orders. Also, the most important matter, in our opinion, concerning our collaboration with NetHabilis was the after sales service, whenever we need their help and this a matter that impressed us a lot since they respond in our calls even after the standard working hours.

NetHabilis always manages to respond swiftly and effectively to our daily business needs, providing efficient and cost-effective solutions to any of the ICT projects they have undertaken.

NetHabilis seems to be just a phone call away and always ready to support our daily IT business projects, whenever and however we require.

We have worked together with NetHabilis in many projects within our company, mainly BI & Mobile projects. They are a team of hard workers and they understand business well. They also have technical knowledge & skills to provide high quality products and services.

Also, don’t forget the ongoing support which is very important today and here NetHabilis is an excellent partner with great professionalism.

Personally, I believe that NetHabilis is one of the most valuable partners for my business Dixons SEE and their critical services help us to drive business one step ahead with success.

I recommend NetHabilis to all businesses or partners who are interested in innovation, quality, fast results, expertise, business values, implementation time, documentation, maintenance and “always there” support.

I know NetHabilis for a long time. They are one of the most focused, top-performer companies I ‘ve made business with. Extremely professional, with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and very deep technical knowledge. It’s not only a pleasure to work and collaborate with them, but the collaboration is also always very efficient.

NetHabilis managed to diminish my perceived risk at the time of purchase. They offered more than a service for my company as they created the tools we use daily to have information as a competitive advantage.

I am very pleased from their work.